Monday, March 5, 2012

Aquatherm Pipe System
Extension up to dimension 630 mm

Responding to the requirements for pipe systems with bigger flow volume in industrial plants, factories, gigantic construction projects in hotel building, universities and stadiums aquatherm now offers the extension of its pipe systems fusiotherm®  and climatherm in the dimensions 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 560 mm and 630 mm.Considering the following well-established advantages of the pipes and fittings made from fusiolen PP-R and connected by butt-welding, aquatherm succeeded, as the first pipe system manufacturer worldwide, in the production of fiber composite pipes, connecting pieces and joints in these big dimensions.

• Convincing efficiency
• Exceeding chemical resistance
• Low heat conductivity
• High diffusion resistance
• High-class stress cracking resistance
• Outstanding corrosion resistance
• Special abrasion resistance
• Low weight
• Excellent process ability
• Temperature resistance
• Long service life
• High mechanical load capacity

Pipe system for potable water, heating and climate technology
For the supply with potable water and liquid food in hotels, stadiums, universities, infrastructural large plants or other major projects the fusiotherm® pipe system is most suitable due to its excellent hygienic and ecologic features and its neutrality of smell and taste. Also best suited is climatherm for the application in heating and climate technology. Whether in manifold construction as risers or distribution pipes or for the transport of various media on longer distances, e.g. for district heating, the climatherm pipe system now provides a wider field of applications.

Industrial pipes
In the field of plastic pipes for industrial application with the fusiotherm® and climatherm pipe systems aquatherm offers a high-quality, sophisticated and well-approved system for the transport of liquids and further media. Due to its chemical resistance it is most suitable for the transport of aggressive liquids like acids, bases and liquors. Pharmaceutical-, chemical and food industry as well as water industry trust in our long lasting and worldwide experience as manufacturer of plastic pipe systems. Take our references and convince yourself.

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